Generation “SELFIE”: Where is the DISTINCTION?

Christians these days engage themselves to a LOT of forms of worldliness. There had been already an added word in the dictionary known as “SELFIE”. Isn’t it obvious that from the word itself, it promotes self-centeredness rather than CHRIST-centeredness? I am not against taking self-portrait photos, but indulging in the idolatry of doing it and always looking at the mirror or phone moment by moment, WORRYING too much on the way you look, I believe is very unhealthy for our spiritual lives.

There was this time that I was reading the news, and heard that the word “selfie” has been formalized and it was included in the dictionary. My initial response is I felt a little bit bothered. Personally, I feel a little bit annoyed with people who keeps taking selfies anywhere even on formal gatherings, on special events, and it’s not just it. They take selfies more than 4 times on the same location but just changing their facial expressions. Well, this is it. Welcome GENERATION SELFIE.

A lot of things has changed since the launch of the first iPhone followed by different trends. The bang of the social media affecting all of our lives, creating our own worlds in the social media. We even care more of the number of likes and comments or how did we made a trend on our new photos on facebook, or even having a lot of retweets on a trending hashtags on twitter. According to study, people these days socialize on their smartphones even they are in front of dining tables with their own families or friends. It is that social media and different multimedia  tools that are very accessible to us anytime, anywhere.

The social media gives most people the freedom to express their “EMOTIONS.” They can bash someone on the social media, say bad words, express their thoughts, their sentiments, make arguments, and a lot of stuff. Social media actually exposes the hearts of people. Their deepest thoughts, and who they really are. That’s why Facebook is like their own personal journal. They update their status whether they are happy or sad, posting selfies, promoting themselves. Social media, is like all about “ME” whereas if it’s all about you, actually, majority out of your thousand friends actually don’t care whatever you are doing that you also post on your social media. Social Media feeds your egoistic side. It also creates a world outside reality that what we invest is now everything “online.”


Thus, a lot of things had changed, drawing our attention from our families, our friends, specially to GOD. Having a right relationship with Jesus is the primary thing that we should nourish in our lives. How can we really say that we have a healthy relationship with Jesus when we spend 90% of our time on the social media, on the internet or even taking selfies. Does it really promote Christ whenever we post on Facebook about how bad or good our day was? Does it promotes love whenever we upload our selfies? Does it really edify the Church, whenever we post our PRIDE and GLORY on our social media status. Does it glorify God, not having time anymore with our families, for the church, or even our friends because we have created our own world somewhere else?

Social media could be God’s medium, or the world’s medium. The question is who’s side are you? What’s gonna happen in the next generation? Will they always seek the benefit of themselves? Change their looks just to feel accepted? Take cools selfies and always express their feelings on social media, whereas they should express their feelings to God then to their families instead?

Think about these things.

Hear here:
Again, where are the Mighty Churches from Philippi, Corinth, Ephesus, Galatia, Colossia? Or is it that believers have no extra “distinction” from what we so called, the world?

Christians are called to be “SET APART”


Colossians 3:17

New International Version (NIV)

17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


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