Standards of Success

Success means 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. People define success as the end of their achievements but I define success as a process of my personal progression. Success is a step higher to where I am before, that will lead me to the next level of my progression. My standard of success is defined by my attitude, not by my altitude.


They say that “it takes knowledge and experience to reach the top, but character will let you STAY on the top.” If my altitude will define my success, then I won’t even reach the top or even retain the position. Good character will help me reach success in my life. As for me, good character and attitude should be supported by 3 I’s in my life: Identity, Intellect, and inspiration


Identity is what makes me strong and founded that even the going gets tough, I will not be moved by any whirlwinds of life and base my life on a life of commitment that gives me a clear focus in life. Intellect will help me grow wiser and not stop for seeking knowledge and always check rooms for my own improvement. As for inspiration will always give me the right drive in whatever I am doing and remain passionate in seeking success in my life.


Standards of success is very dependent on the will of the individual. How the identity as a person was established, how much a person knows about his purpose, and how much a person knows the reason behind what he is living for. Thus for me, these are my standards for entering a life full of progression.


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